Our Story

Clean hands are here to stay. Protecting yourself and your family is a priority now more than ever. With so many choices out there, ROYCE & BAXTER’s NEW dual-action hand sanitizer spray promises immediate and long-lasting protection with pure, science-based ingredients you can trust.

Royce & Baxter Hand Sanitizer Spray

Our Products

ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray is available in Unscented and three natural scents derived from ultra-premium fragrances: Citrus Cucumber, Orange Blossom and Italian Lemon & Lime. Classic and elegant, it’s your new daily accessory. Try all four for just $21.56 in our 2-ounce Trial Pack.

Our Science and Manufacturing

ROYCE & BAXTER is science on your side with a new breakthrough dual-action hand sanitizing formula that’s safe, effective and fun to use. ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer is made in our FDA-regulated manufacturing facility so you can trust the quality and proven efficacy of all of our products.

Royce & Baxter Lab

Four-Scent Collection 2oz. Pack!