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We believe so strongly in our product – its dual-action ability to kill 99.9% germs with long-lasting protection for up to 24 hours, its hydrating quality, and the collection of fresh scents offered — that as soon as you try ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer, we know you’re going to love it.

ROYCE & BAXTER is science on your side with a breakthrough FDA-approved antimicrobial formula that’s safe, effective and enjoyable to use. Regular hand hygiene is part of your defense against the coronavirus, the flu and the persistent viruses and bacteria that threaten our growing population. ROYCE & BAXTER’s novel dual-action antiseptic and antimicrobial spray exceeds Center for Disease Control (CDC) minimum requirements by 41 percent and promises immediate and long-lasting protection with pure, science-based ingredients you can trust to give you peace of mind.

All-natural vegan glycerin is blended with essential oils from our ultra-premium fragrances to offset the drying effect of ethyl alcohol and leaves hands luxuriously soft and lightly scented. Try all four scents in our collection.

Protect yourself and others with ROYCE & BAXTER’s germ-free, Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser–combines design, smart technology and ROYCE & BAXTER’s Premium Dual-Action Hand Sanitizer to deliver a unique and convenient hand hygiene experience. Touch-Free Motion-Detecting Hand Sanitizer Dispenser provides a targeted automatic spray of ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer in high traffic areas such as your home for gatherings or everyday hand hygiene, office, retail space, or anywhere you want to keep your hands sanitized and 99.9% germ free with this portable, sturdy dispenser stand. GET THE DISPENSER

Clean hands are important. Germs, viruses and influenza live everywhere you touch, so make hand health a daily ritual with ROYCE & BAXTER’s Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray so germs don’t live on your hands.

ROYCE & BAXTER is science on your side with pure, science-based ingredients you can trust and to keep you sanitized.