ROYCE & BAXTER is Science on Your Side

ROYCE & BAXTER puts breakthrough science on your side with our NEW dual-action antiseptic and antimicrobial spray formulation. Fast-acting ethyl alcohol is highly purified by our proprietary 24-stage submicron filtration system using multiple grades of activated carbon and coal media to ensure a consistent product. Our 85% ethyl alcohol formula exceeds CDC minimum requirements – and in fact more effective than the WHO formula – by 41 percent and kills germs on contact. The next level of protection is Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK), an exceptionally safe, FDA-approved antimicrobial that doesn’t evaporate like alcohol and sanitizes for up to 24 hours. BZK has been used for nearly 90 years as an antimicrobial hand sanitizer, contact lens preservative and food industry surface disinfectant.

In comparison to the WHO hand rub formulations, ROYCE & BAXTER Dual-Action Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray formulations are congruous for surgical hand preparation–for both immediate and durable effects.

Outperforms WHO formulas. ROYCE & BAXTER Dual-Action Premium Hand Sanitizer is more effective than even the WHO II modified formula.

All-natural vegan glycerin is blended with essential oils from ultra-premium fragrances to offset the drying effect of ethyl alcohol and leave hands soft and lightly scented.

Royce & Baxter Hand Sanitizer Spray

ROYCE & BAXTER Is FDA-Regulated.

Companies including many distilleries pivoted quickly in 2020 to producing hand sanitizer, temporarily, as demand increased due to COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. While good-intentioned, some of these products contained chemicals such as methanol, a non FDA-approved material that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and life-threatening if ingested. Additionally, at such time when the public health emergency is over, hand sanitizers developed as a temporary response to COVID-19 will need to discontinue manufacturing practices and withdraw from the marketplace, as declared by the Secretary and FDA. unlike ROYCE & BAXTER’s formula, which is FDA-regulated. View ROYCE & BAXTER FDA-registration here.

ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray is made in our FDA-regulated manufacturing facility, meaning we follow good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and you can trust the quality and proven efficacy of our products. Clean hands are here to stay and so are we.

Spray or Gel? ROYCE & BAXTER Spray Is a Better Form of Clean.

Royce & Baxter Hand Sanitizer Spray.

Four-Scent Collection 2oz. Pack!