ROYCE & BAXTER Is Your New Trusted Hand Sanitizer Company

ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray is a novel science-based formulation of 85% pure antiseptic ethyl alcohol to kill germs immediately plus durable benzalkonium chloride (BZK) for longer-lasting antimicrobial benefits and vegan glycerin for moisturizing protection.

Founded in early 2020 by San Francisco formulator and entrepreneur Michael Guasch, ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray met demand for a high-quality hand sanitizer backed by science. Mike, the founder of multiple specialty chemical manufacturing companies, repurposed his laboratory in early 2020 to address the unmet demand for a highly effective hand sanitizer backed by science that customers will like and feel confident using. In fact, sanitizer formulations are not new to Mike — over ten years ago, he formulated and manufactured consumer-use sanitizer and other cleaning products for DuPont that were sold nationwide in stores including Lowes and Walmart.

ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray covers hands evenly and dries quickly with no acrid aroma or sticky residue. It leaves your hands feeling clean and soft with a subtle fresh scent from premium natural fragrances.

ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray is manufactured in a facility registered by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). To see our FDA Registration click here. It contains pharmaceutical-grade raw materials with proven efficacy and consistency for a shelf-stable product that’s pure and safe.

ROYCE & BAXTER Is Your Lasting Solution

ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray doesn’t replace masks and social distancing, but it is your trusted solution when soap and water aren’t available. Hand hygiene is part of your defense against the coronavirus, the flu and the persistent viruses and bacteria that threaten our growing population. Make hand health an enjoyable daily ritual with ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray.

Four-Scent Collection 2oz. Pack!