Citrus Cucumber

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Fresh as a summer day, Citrus Cucumber is a moisturizing hand sanitizer with a clean herbal scent. The crisp aroma of fresh cucumber and bright citrus uplifts the senses but doesn’t overpower.

Ingredients: 85% ethyl alcohol; .1% benzalkonium chloride (BZK); deionized water; vegetable glycerin; and natural fragrances.

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5 reviews for Citrus Cucumber

  1. Emily

    I was so amazed with this product! So many hand sanitizers on the market leave your hands dry and smell like alcohol… not this product. It’s fresh clean cucumber smell is such a delight and it truly leaves your hands clean and moisturized.

  2. Marco Johnson

    Finally a scent my wife and I agree on! We each have one in our cars and I will be purchasing the motion detecting one for my office. The citrus cucumber smells fresh, but not too strong.

  3. Ann Ereg

    This is by far my favorite of all the scents. These sanitizers are great quality. They are non drying, actually hydrating and all the scents are smell great. Highly recommend them!!!

  4. Shireen

    This is the best smelling hand sanitizer I’ve tried! 85% alcohol yet doesn’t leave an alcohol-like smell after I spray. Super moisturizing and refreshing. I’ll never go back to Purell

  5. Bre Pearl

    Received a free sample and I will be back to buy more. This is the best smelling safe for me hand sanitizer I have ever tried. Happy customer!

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