Italian Lemon & Lime

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Starting at $4.99 for 2oz. sprayer

Italian Lemon & Lime is a journey for the senses in a moisturizing hand sanitizer. Evocative of Mediterranean breezes, Italian Lemon & Lime is a bright, zesty scent derived from premium natural fragrances. Boost your mood, energize your senses and refresh your hands any time of day.

Ingredients: 85% ethyl alcohol; .1% benzalkonium chloride (BZK); deionized water; vegetable glycerin; and natural fragrances.

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1 review for Italian Lemon & Lime

  1. Wendy White (verified owner)

    Italian Lemon & Lime is an absolutely favorite in our home. I have one of the 2 ounce bottles in my bag and my car. The quality of this sanitizer is beyond anything else I have tried this year. Thank you Royce & Baxter!

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