Touch-Free Motion-Detecting Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Touch-Free Motion-Detecting Hand Sanitizer Dispenser combines design, smart technology and ROYCE & BAXTER’s Premium Dual-Action Hand Sanitizer to deliver a unique and convenient hand hygiene experience. Touch-Free Motion-Detecting Hand Sanitizer Dispenser provides a targeted automatic spray of ROYCE & BAXTER Premium Hand Sanitizer in high traffic areas such as your home, office, retail, medical facilities, hotels, spas, waiting areas, airports or anywhere you want to keep your hands sanitized and 99.9% germ free with this free standing, sturdy and moveable dispenser stand.

Protect yourself and others with ROYCE & BAXTER’s germ-free, Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.

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  • Includes:
    • Dispenser that holds 12 ounces for up to 350 auto spray applications
    • ROYCE & BAXTER Dual-Action Premium Hand Sanitizer (scent of your choice)
    • Two AA Batteries
    • Available in White only
  • Free Standard Shipping in the United States


  • No-Touch Activation – The infrared, motion-detecting dispenser delivers an automatic spray of liquid hand sanitizer.
  • Optimal Sanitizing Technology – Covers both hands at the same time with ideal placement and optimal droplet size.
  • ROYCE & BAXTER Dual-Action Premium Hand Sanitizer kills 99% of germs PLUS provides long-lasting antimicrobial protection for up to three hours!
  • Trusted, Tried and True – Touch-Free Motion-Detecting Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is engineered and performance tested to give you protection with each use.

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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Scent of Choice

Citrus Cucumber Scent, Orange Blossom Scent, Italian Lemon & Lime Scent, Unscented

User/Instruction Manual

2 reviews for Touch-Free Motion-Detecting Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

  1. Sadaf

    I got the cucumber scent with the motion-detecting dispenser for my station at my hair salon. I like it because the packaging is chic, not like all the other generic brands you see. It’s perfect for my clients who want to do a quick sanitize before getting in/out of the salon chair.

  2. Sandy Wright

    I am a teacher with 170 high school students in and out of my English and theater classrooms all day. You can imagine how important it is for me to provide hand sanitizer to all who enter. I love the large automatic sprayer because no one needs to touch it. The kids love it, and they use it all day long. With a light towel, we use a spritz to brush over the keyboard of our shared computers too! I love the way it smells! Thanks for making sanitizing so elegant and fresh!

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