Four clean refreshing scents available in our Dual-Action Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray

ROYCE & BAXTER Dual-Action Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray is available in Unscented and three natural scents derived from ultra-premium fragrances: Citrus Cucumber, Orange Blossom and Italian Lemon & Lime.

Our novel dual-action Premium Hand Sanitizer Spray kills 99.9% of germs on skin plus has a durable antimicrobial that provides long-lasting protection for up to three hours. Vegan glycerin is blended with essential oils from premium natural fragrances for lightly-scented, hydrated skin.

Our Four-Scent Collection consists of the following:
Fresh as a summer day, Citrus Cucumber is a moisturizing hand sanitizer with a clean herbal scent. The crisp aroma of fresh cucumber and bright citrus uplifts the senses but doesn’t overpower.

Orange Blossom blends lush citrus and floral notes from premium natural fragrances in a moisturizing hand sanitizer. The warm undertones of orange blossom soothe the senses and leave hands with a delicate spicy-sweet scent.

Italian Lemon & Lime is a journey for the senses in a moisturizing hand sanitizer. Evocative of Mediterranean breezes, Italian Lemon & Lime is a bright, zesty scent derived from premium natural fragrances. Boost your mood, energize your senses and refresh your hands any time of day.

Sensitive to fragrance? Unscented is a moisturizing scent-free hand sanitizer that fights bacteria and refreshes your hands when soap and water aren’t available. A trace of vegan glycerin offsets the drying effect of ethyl alcohol. Perfect for offices and travel, or anywhere scented products are discouraged.

Four refreshing scents to keep your hands clean.